Porn is necessary in normative society

Porn is quite easy and safe to attack because it can be kind of sloppily applied into a number of undesirable areas. There are the anti-porn feminists (of course, there are also pro-porn feminists), concerned parents, religious concerns, and various other crusades against deviant social mores. I say deviant, and I mean it, because the society I see every day still has the ridiculous inability to approach sexual behavior as the complex world that it is. My generation is, thankfully, seemingly freer than our predecessors, a fact continuously bemoaned by the New York Times as a destructive hookup generation incapable of making meaningful sexual relations and instead hellbent on—gasp—having fun. Of course, my generation isn’t just the hookup generation enabled by myriad apps that allow us to conjure a fuck with the flick of a finger. We’re also the first to have an almost continual saturation of porn available throughout our formative years. 

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