The Name: My name ain't Jon Vox. I'll own up to that. It's Jon[athan] Cox. But joncox[dot]com is taken by some lame "sensory deprivation" website.


Jon Vox is a pun on the Latin phrase Vox Populi [voice of the people]. It's like "the voice of Jon" (or, even worse, the "Vox of Cox"), and mostly just originated as my semi-amusing DJ name when I was a college radio kid back in the halcyon days of 2009. Since I'm a podcast host on the side it's still fairly appropriate.

I have a Masters degree in Art History and Archaeology and now I work at Squarespace, where I'm lucky to be able to use my passion for design in such an exciting company. I'm also a huge random trivia nerd and boardgamer, so if you ever wanna play some trivia-based board game, I'm your guy.

I love to travel, especially when it's cheap, and there's nothing better waking up sleepy in a place where you don't speak the language and have no plans but to explore.