Getting Restaurants to Go Green Part 2

I just had an idea. What about creating a coalition of restaurants that will "honor your cup"—you bring in your favorite cup (or maybe tupperware, for take out), and that restaurant will agree to serve you in that.
The biggest problem I can think of is health code. I could see this being a violation.
Maybe restaurants could rent out tupperware—you can choose normal take out boxes, or pay a deposit and take home some tupperware that has the restaurant's name written on it. If you keep the tupperware, they get the deposit. Otherwise, you can bring it back in the next time you go to the restaurant and get a credit for your meal that is the same cost as the deposit.
Or maybe it could be centralized, restaurants could check out tupperware and receive credits for returning them, that way you could take home tupperware from restaurant a and return it to restaurant b, who could trade it back to the central tupperware check to get their deposit back. There'd have to be some loss in the system, though.