A Breakup, in Music

[gallery] I used to be in a mixtape club with my friends. We had lots of esoteric rules and lots of weird themes. My breakup mixtape, however, is the best mixtape I've ever made. And that was before the club. What's funny is that the breakup wasn't even for a serious relationship. My mixtape for my biggest breakup isn't that good. This mixtape started in November 2007, and I've been editing it up until now. So here is my quasi-finished product. It is in three sides, each 35 minutes long. Sides 1 and 2 are about the initial shock of the breakup, and side 3 is about the long-term: getting over the person, getting into a new relationship, and watching that one crumble.

Here's the list:

Side 1: Black Like Me—Spoon Star Of Wonder—Sufjan Stevens My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion—The Flaming Lips Norwegian Wood—The Beatles Something About Us—Daft Punk Whistle For The Choir—The Fratellis A Minor Incident—Badly Drawn Boy Nothing Better (Styrofoam Remix)—The Postal Service, Remix by Styrofoam If You Fall—Azure Ray

Side 2: I'm a Cuckoo—Belle & Sebastian Ragas In Minor Scale—Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass Wouldn't It Be Nice—The Beach Boys Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)—Billy Joel Guilty—Amelie: Original Soundtrack Recording Dearly Departed—DeVotchKa Brian Boru's March—Ceol Cridhe

Side 3: Viz—Le Tigre Lonely Holiday—Old 97's I Don't Even Know Myself—The Who (Who's Next Remastered) Charu's Theme" From Satyajit Ray's Film Charulata—Satyajit Ray Here Comes the Sun—The Beatles I wanna be your Boyfriend—The Ramones Ec-Stacy—Jess Stacy Take On Me—The Shins Our Love Was—Petra Haden, covering the Who Blessing in Disguise—DeVotchKa

Each side I have mixed together, with cross fades and some trimming of the music. I have provided the files below for you to download:

Side 1 Side 2 Side 3