Sestina I

When first I saw you, I had but one want,One desire: to become your new friend. Friend, I say. The kind of friend that you wake Up with each morning, not the kind you break Bread with. I want for us to share a house, Though more: I wish for us to share a heart

And so I tried to burrow to your heart To make you feel some same measure of want, So that you’ll hold me within, as I house You within. I would replace the boyfriend I ignored you telling me of. I’d break You two apart, so together we’d wake.

Ah, and what pleasure it is when I wake Next to you, and bask in beauty. My heart Beats so loudly that I fear it will break Your gentle slumber. Of that, I’ve no want. I succeeded in becoming your friend, But am just that: a mere guest in your house.

I love to be your friend, but I still house A wish to comfort you after his wake. Did I just wish death upon your boyfriend? That is too strong. Perhaps a change of heart? He could go evil, so that you would want Out. At least you two could take some small break.

For, every single day, my heart does break When you invite me over to your house For lunch or for dinner, but not out of want To sweep me up. Still, I’m caught in your wake And still, still, still, I hold you in my heart And still, still, still, you hold me as a friend.

And though you consider me your best friend, the word “best,” not “boy” makes me want to break Into the fortress that you call your heart. ‘tis the only place I wish to be my house. What a lovely place it would be to wake Up, and no longer be driven by want.

I shall always be a friend in your house, Forever stuck in your wake of heartbreak. Forever shall my heart be filled with want.