Emoji are so freaking cool and all you haters have no idea. 

It’s easy to bemoan emoji, in part because they’re the incarnate definition of popular: that of the people. Anyone who masters the formal expression of a language feels a need to protect it from novel deviations (see the French academy), but much like Vulgar Latin a popular vernacular can over time yield languages as varied and beautiful as French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Catalan, etc. As someone who has devoted a decade to the study of Italian, I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to be able to understand a statement made in French or Spanish. 

Mutual intelligibility is a beautiful part about dialects. They allow languages to specialize to the communities that use them while also giving those users access to a larger sphere of communication. 

You know what else does this? Chinese characters. 

Let’s face it. We’re evolving towards a mutually-understandable universal form of communication. And that’s emoji. Rather than bemoan that fact, if you just accept it you’ll start to see all of these beautiful new patterns of expression start to emerge.