Planning a Radio Show

Photo by Jon Schleuss So its no big secret that I'm starting a new radio show over at KXUA. My pitch for the show was something like "interview people on campus and off. Get all sorts of people in on it—students, business owners, etc…. Just showcase Fayetteville."

That's a pretty big plan, though. Not to say that I'm daunted. Excited, really. But it's still a lot a lot of work to go through. I'm sitting on about two hours worth of interviews with the Mayor, Alderman Petty, and Alderwoman Lewis. I'm not quite sure how to edit it together, though. I've come up with a rough plan for how it should be organized.

I'm assuming that I'll get a standard 2-hour KXUA slot. I want to try to fill this with two hour-long shows. They'll be hard to produce but if I can get 5 or 6 done this summer then I can rotate those out as I make new ones periodically during the semester.

3 sections per episode:

  • Section 1 will be the main part, and will carry the theme. I'm thinking about 40 minutes. For my first episode this will be the interviews with the city government.
  • Section 2 will be part of my 'focus on the city' plan and will feature (hopefully) an interview with a local business owner, on how their business interacts with the students. I'm hoping I can get some good representation with Dickson and downtown. I'm seeing about 10 minutes.
  • Section 3 will be part of my 'focus on the campus' plan and will consist of interviews with kids and professors about whatever. Again, 10 minutes long.
  • What I'm debating is the order that these things should take. 20 minutes of Section 1, then Sections 2 and 3, then back to Section 1? 15, 10, 10, 10, 15? 40, 10, 10?

    Photo by Jon Schleuss