MGMT Show Review

MGMT. June 9th. The Village. I drove down to Little Rock for this one. I'll keep it short and sweet:

  • Their sound live is too guitar-driven. Not enough of their trademark synth breaks.
  • The Village is the worst venue I've ever been too. Hot, horribly managed, dirty, awful light show. Rude staff. Show started two hours late.
  • MGMT acted like they were better than their audience. They gave themselves an encore featuring one semi-popular and one new song. They ignored their single, "Kids," which the crowd was chanting for, in unison. Advice: when you've got one album with two singles and fans cheering for one of them, you should play it. 

I can't wait to get out of Little Rock and back to Fayetteville. I'd leave tomorrow morning were I not seeing friends all day, though that is a good enough reason to stay.