Take Your Kids to Dickson

This summer, I'm all about volunteering. Helping out in areas I should be already (Pride Week '09), areas I always try to help out in (Democratic Candidates), and other random things I can do to help out the city of Fayetteville. A friend told me that it's awesome that I care that much about Fayetteville to want to make it better, but to me it's just the no-nonsense obvious choice. I really do love Fayetteville and want to give back to the town as much as I get. The whole 'darker side' of Dickson comment really upset me, and a whole bunch of other people, too. One of them is Heather Kendrick-Gerlaugh, who, unlike me, did something about being mad, and organized the first annual Take Your Kids to Dickson. Last night, because of a tweet she made, I had the opportunity to help her out in the final planning stages, and I sure am glad that I did. I helped paint a few signs for the event, and it was worth it to see into the planning behind the event.

It's just her, a few of her friends, and her mom doing it. It's so inspiring to see it happen, too. I love Fayetteville to the extent that it pains me to be in any other town in Arkansas. Most of my volunteering has been orchestrated through twitter, and all of it through social media. People complain that social networking sites divorce us from the real world, but for me, they've been a tool that has helped me make lots of new contacts in town, and helped my drive to make Fayetteville a better place.

I've got an idea for something big, hopefully, and I've met with a few people about it so far. Here's hoping it works out. And for all of you with kids, make sure to take them to Dickson Street at 3 pm today.